Women in the Labour Movement: A Round Table Discussion

This round table discussion was so much fun. I was joined on ckln.fm by a rockstar team of women in the labour movement: OPSEU Regional Vice President, Nancy Pridham, Steward Coordinator for CUPE 4400, Colleen Costa, and co-founder of the Toronto Young New Democrats, Jennie Ernewein. We discussed current issues faced by the labour movement with a focus on the issues most important to women.

We had a lot to talk about, so I split our discussion into five parts for your listening pleasure. Click the links below to hear any of these:

Part One: Facing Austerity

Part Two: Organizing

Part Three: Together We Eat, Divided We Starve

Part Four: Pensions

Part Five: Victories

Mike Seaward Interview

Mike Seaward

Here’s my radio interview with Mike Seaward, Vice President of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, on March 7, 2011.

We talked about the demonstrations in Wisconsin, and what they mean here in Ontario.